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Featured Resource: The Alliance to Advance Climate Smart Agriculture

Virginia Tech’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is leading a multi-faceted Alliance to Advance Climate-Smart Agriculture. The multi-year pilot program aims to encourage and incentivize an integrated approach to the management cropland, livestock, forests, and fisheries. The overarching goal is to concomitantly address food security and climate change, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and sequester carbon. Under the three-year, $80-million pilot program, the Alliance and its partners will help producers in Arkansas, Minnesota, North Dakota and Virginia prove the value of paying farmers and ranchers $100 per acre or animal unit for stewardship practices that deliver public value through carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas reduction, improved soil health, water quality, water conservation, and other environmental services.


Agricultural producers, farmers, and ranchers within selected conservation districts in the four states will be eligible to apply for the program. Supporting partners in Virginia include the Colonial Soil and Water Conservation District, Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District, Virginia Cooperative Extension, and Virginia State University’s Small Farm Outreach Program. For more details about the Virginia pilot effort, eligible practices, and the expanding Alliance, please visit


To learn more about the Alliance to Advance Climate-Smart Agriculture, please email or call 540.231.3990.

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