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Collaborative Strategic Plan  2023-2025

From April to November, 2022, the Virginia Soil Health Coalition, guided by its Steering Committee and a Strategic Planning Committee, underwent an in-depth, iterative strategic planning process to identify our core priorities and strategies for the coming years. The bold, new Collaborative Strategic Plan will guide the Coalition's long-term organizational growth and significantly advance the protection of Virginia's soil health and diverse landscapes. 

Below you can find the Collaborative Strategic Plan that was approved by the Coalition Steering Committee to guide our work for the years to come. You can download a pdf version of the plan here. Interested in getting involved with any pieces of the plan? Reach out to the Coalition Director, Mary Sketch Bryant at

Our Collective Results

People engaged in protecting and caring for soil

Resilient landscapes across all of Virginia

Sustainable food systems to support thriving communities

Priorities & Strategies

Build the Coalition's capacity
for leadership and expansion


  • Develop relationships to fill capacity gaps, broaden skills, expertise, and our network

  • Increase equitable opportunities for partners to participate on Steering Committee and in other capacities

  • Recruit partners that represent the diversity of the Coalition's constituency and reach (ag, rural, urban and suburban)

  • Identify sustainable funding sources to expand staff team

Enhance partner collaboration
to drive innovation, implementation, and impact

  • Promote unified messaging through shared information channels

  • Provide navigation to inform and connect members and partners to resources

  • Communicate current research to support organizations implementing on the ground

  • Develop work groups to convene partners and members

  • Identify and fund projects that advance implementation of innovative soil health approaches

Cultivate awareness
through education, outreach, and advocacy

  • Identify current and expanded audiences to deepen connection to soil health

  • Build out consistent and cohesive narrative to resonate with broader constituency

  • Create and execute communications strategy to reach diverse audiences

  • Provide resources and educational materials to partners working on advocacy

  • Explore formalizing advocacy partnerships

Performance Measures
  • 15 new partners engaged in the Coalition across sectors and with diverse representation

  • 3 work groups launched

  • 20 partners engaged in collectively implementing the Collaborative Strategic Plan

  • 200 farmers and organizations supported or connected to resources

  • 2 new Coalition staff members

  • $2M invested in projects on the ground

  • 10 trainings provided

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