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Featured Resource:Taking Care of the Soil- A Soil, Conservation and Place Conversation

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Robert H. Spiers Jr. is the co-owner and operator of Spiers Farm, LLC, an 1,800-acre corn, soybean, grain, and tobacco farm in Dinwiddie and Sussex counties of Virginia. Founded in 1884, Robert is a seventh-generation farmer on this land, and is currently working to fully transition the farm operation to his son Mark of Double Branch Farms LLC. In this Soil, Conservation, and Place conversation, Robert and Mark emphasize the importance of taking care of the soil and how cover cropping and no-till farming has mitigated the impacts of drought and wind damage for them. Robert and Mark have not only implemented soil conservation practices on their farm, but have also used their farm as a demonstration site to inspire other farmers in the region to implement these soil health-building and conservation practices. With the recognition that their livelihoods are deeply dependent on the health of the land and care of the soil, Robert and Mark take a long-term perspective to farming that is informed by their conservation ethics and practices.

Taking Care of the Soil: A Soil, Conservation, and Place conversation with Robert and Mark Spiers. Available on Virginia Cooperative Extension’s YouTube Channel at

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