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Featured Resource: "Composting Made Easy: A Beginner's Guide to School Based Composting"

Did you know that schools in t he U.S. throw away $5 million of uneaten food each school day. You could save the equivalent of 6 tons of CO2 in emissions by composting? This handbook co-authored by Kathy Yoder of Vine & Fig and Ben Stutzman of Eastern Mennonite University for the Harrisonburg Public Schools System, “explains the basics of starting an on-site composting program at your school, including the best practices for physical implementation, maintenance, and health and safety.”

Even if you aren’t looking to build a school composting program, the guide provides useful tips on composting basics such as designing bins, balancing carbon and nitrogen, maintaining temperature and moisture, and much more. Whether in your backyard, in your neighborhood, or at your workplace, composting can be a great way to build community while also minimizing food waste and building soil health.

Learn more about Vine and Fig’s educational initiatives, including their school based composting programs at their website:

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