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4 the Soil
As world population and food production demands rise, keeping our soil healthy and productive is critical. We must ensure that our soil resources are stable and sustainable to feed future generations.
School of Plant and Environmental Sciences: Soil Health
The Virginia Tech School of Plant and Environmental Sciences Soil Health website discussing the priorities and core principles of soil health. They define major factors of soil health and how they are measured.
Soil Health Institute
The Soil Health Institute Resources Section provides convenient access to useful information and educational tools for all interested in soil health.
Cover Crop Resource Guide
This region can grow many crops and has a wide variety of soils and climate.To account for these differences and help you focus on the cover crops that will work best on your farm, this resource guide is organized by production system and then location.
Northeastern Cover Crop Council Decision Tool
Take a look at their integrated decision tool for cover crop species selection. Access cover crop recommendations tailored to your cropping system goals and constraints.
FarmAnswers: Conservation Library
Farm Answers is the USDA-NIFA beginning farmer and rancher (BFRDP) clearinghouse, providing resources to help you get started farming, as well as tools to help more seasoned producers succeed.
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