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Videos and Movies
Soil, Conservation, and Place Video Series
Virginia Cooperative Extension
This educational project aims to deepen community understanding of the importance of agriculture and soils to a sense of place, community, and culture.
Living Soil Film
The Soil Health Institute
The societal and environmental costs of soil loss and degradation in the United States alone are now estimated to be as high as $85 billion every single year. Like any relationship, our living soil needs our tenderness. It’s time we changed everything we thought we knew about soil.
Investing in Soil Health Practices
Common Grain Alliance
Videos produced by the Common Grain Alliance focusing on investing in soil health practices, stories from the field, and conversations with members.
Mountain Glen Farm YouTube
Mountain Glen Fields Farm
We all have different takes and opinions on how farming should look and what it should produce. These video are just a quick look into why I farm the land the way I do and some of my thoughts about regenerative and sustainable agriculture.
VT Soil Health and Cover Crops
Virginia Extension
This topic page will focus on how to build soil health for improved soil function and better crops.
Kiss the Ground
Big Picture Ranch
Kiss the Ground reveals that, by regenerating the world’s soils, we can completely and rapidly stabilize Earth’s climate, restore lost ecosystems and create abundant food supplies.
VFGC Forages YouTube
Video series on grassfed beef and sustainable grazing.
USDA NRCS Virginia Youtube
Videos produced through a Virginia NRCS community viability project touching on soil health, sustainability, habitat, systems-thinking and holistic approaches to conservation.
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