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4 the Soil
Eric Bendfeldt
Soil. What is it, really? It’s more than the dirt under our feet and the ground we stand on. Soil is living and life-giving. Listen as we unlock the mysteries of soil by speaking with people at the forefront of the soil health movement.
Farmer to Farmer
Chris Blanchard
Down-to-earth conversations with experienced farmers - and the occasional non-farmer - about everything from soil fertility and record-keeping to getting your crops to market without making yourself crazy.
Nutrition Farming Podcast
Graeme Sait
This podcast series is designed for food producers seeking to increase the nutrient density, flavour and medicinal value of their produce.
Regenerative Agriculture Podcast
John Kempf
On this show, you will find straightforward, actionable information about growing that can be implemented right away to increase crop quality, yields, pest resistance, and climate resilience -- to regenerate soil health, and most importantly, increase farm profitability.
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