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Wild Child Medicines

Bedford, VA 24523, USA


About the Farm

Wild Child Medicines is owned by a beginning, new farmer staying with a friend with 20 acres, recently lived on 2 acres and worked farms with hundreds of acres before. Based on experience he is most interested in no-till organic farming with lots of compost tea and building beneficial biology and biomes, back to Eden wood chips, soil food web compost building techniques, etc. Wild Child Medicines can be found online at iG: @treezat fb: Zachary Owen Heidemann

About the Practices

Wild Child Medicines energizes with diversity by using organic compost and organic compost tea instead of pesticides or fertilizer to promote biotic activity. To minimize soil disturbance they utilize no-till practices and use wood chips to help suppress the weeds as opposed to tilling for weed suppression. To keep the soil covered and energize with diversity, they utilize cover crops.

Why is protecting the soil important?

I could go on forever but essentially the health of our soil is representative the health of our society and planet as a whole, it's important cannot be understated and it's value is beyond infinite

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