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Seven Springs Farm

Floyd, VA 24091, USA


About the Farm

Polly Heiser has been farming since 1991. Sevin Springs Farms cultivates 4.5 acres of vegetables and raises a grass fed steers. They are a Community Supported Agriculture Farm that has around 80-100 members.

About the Practices

Seven Springs Farm Maximizes Living Roots and Keeps the soil covered through the use of cover crops. They Energize with Diversity through using a three year rotation for their vegetables by family. Their steers are grass fed and live on system of rotational grazing. This Maximizes Diversity and Minimizes Soil Disturbance by allowing the stimulation of the grasses and preventing areas from being overgrazed and over compacted from hooves. The movement allows for the even spread of the movement, spreads organic matter, and stimulates growth.

Why is protecting the soil important?

The soil is the source of health and nutrition. A healthy soil produces healthy food which promotes our health. Taking care of the soil is crucial.

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