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Mountain Glen Farm

Rockbridge County, VA, USA


About the Farm

Mountain Glen Farm has been a family farm since 1988. They manage 325 open acres (275 pasture, 50 planted cool season mix or NWSG) with their South Poll cattle herds. They focus on this breed because of their efficiency on forage only. They are a cow/calf operation that sells seedstock and steers to be finished as grass fed beef. Soil health, forage production and animals genetics and performance are at the top of their priority list. Mountain Glen Farms believe in creating resilience on the farm by increasing and building healthy living soils. However, they are also striving to build a business model that is financially sustainable for future generations. Healthy soils equal healthy forage which equals healthy animals which equates to healthy humans.

About the Practices

Mountain Glen Farm Energizes with Diversity and Minimizes Soil Distirbance through intensive rotational grazing. This allows for the stimulation of the grass without over graing th area. This reduces the compaction of the soil from the herds hooves. During winter months, they practice bale grazing and stock pile grazing which is allowing the grasses to grow and accumulate to be foraged when the grasses grow slower. Another way they Energize with Diversity and Maximize Living Roots by planting native warm and cool season grasses to promote resilient pastures and soil aggregates.

Why is protecting the soil important?

The health of your soil is everything. It's directly related to animal performance, plant health and human health. It is also the main contributing factor to clean air and water ways. We need to view our soils has a living organism in which needs to be managed in a way that promotes the betterment of it. Our soils breathe, filter and recycle every minute of every day so we need to remember the health of our ecosystems, animals and communities is directly tired of the condition and functioning of the ground under our feet.

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