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Holsinger Homeplace Farms

Broadway, VA 22815, USA


About the Farm

Holsinger Homeplace Farms is a Virginia Farm Bureau Bicentennial Farm located in Broadway Virginia and hopes to bring healthy & nutritious farm products to its customers in the Shenandoah Valley of VA and surrounding communities.
We specialize in Grass Fed Galloway Beef as a healthy and sustainable alternative to the corn fed, feed lot beef found in most commercial meat departments. Not only is grass fed beef healthier, it has the great flavor enjoyed by previous generations. We run a cow-calf to finish operation with mixed grass pasture/hay as our only feed source. Our animals are available for breeding stock, feeder cattle, or finished slaughter animals depending on your preference.

About the Practices

Holsinger Homeplace Farms energizes with diversity and minimizes soil disturbance through practicing rotational grazing. This allows the stimulation of the grasses and prevents areas from being overgrazed and over compacted from hooves. The movement allows for the even spread of the movement, spreads organic matter, and stimulates growth. More practices on this farm include the use of silvopastures, which is where commercial timber and livestock are grown and managed in the same area. In these lush pastures, both cool and warm grasses. This promotes diversity and encourages resilience.

Why is protecting the soil important?

The soil is the foundation of our farming crops/operations. Without a healthy and viable soil biology/structure the visible parts of the operations suffer.

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