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Grapewood Farm

Montross, VA 22520, USA


About the Farm

Grapewood Farm was established in 2000 and is family operated. They tend to 140 acres in different rotations. In 2010, the first group of fields were certified organic. In 2019, they partnered with Rodale to develop a field rotation plan that has winter grain cash crop only once every 3 years, and cover crops for the remainder of the rotation. Their main products are organic small grains and stone ground flour.

About the Practices

Grapewood Farms minimizes soil disturbance by practicing no till and utilizing a no till drill. A no till drill is a powerful tool that cuts through the plant residue to drop the seed then cover it with soil. The focus is to minimize soil disturbance and keep as much soil structure intact as possible. They energize with diversity by utilizing compost to build organic matter, utilizing cover crops, and keeping their fields in different rotations.

Why is protecting the soil important?

Healthy soil = healthy plants = healthy harvests = healthy people

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