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Fiddlers Green Farm LLC

3907 Old Taneytown Rd


About the Farm

Fiddlers Greens Farms operates on 100 acres of agriculture preservation. Approximately 25 acres are in forest restoration and 40 are plantable. They grow hemp, small grains for malting, distilling, and milling. The family has been owned by the farm fir a while, however, only recently has been farmed by the family again.

About the Practices

Fiddlers Greens Farm minimizes soil disturbance through reduced till and no tillage practices. To maximize living roots and keep the soil covered they practice the use of cover crops. In order to energize with diversity, they practice rotational grazing and utilizing organic fertilizer. This allows the promotion and stimulation of grass growth and spreading of organic matter.

Why is protecting the soil important?

To maintain a healthy and productive eco-system for generations to come

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