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Eastern Shore Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Virginia Tech

33446 Research Drive, Painter, VA 23420



About the Farm

Located in Painter, Virginia, the Eastern Shore Agricultural Research and Extension Center is committed to supporting commercial vegetable and agronomic crop production. The center grows more than 25 agricultural crops annually for research and Extension studies.

New, state-of-the-art applied research that is relevant to local farming operations is essential to ensure the Eastern Shore remains a leader in commercial agriculture production.

About the Practices

Eastern Shore Agriculture Research and Extension Center keeps the soil covered by using cover crops and different residue management strategies. They minimize soil disturbance by practicing no till and reduced tillage. To farm responsibly, the center utilizes nutrient management plans and manure management plans.

Why is protecting the soil important?

Quality soil is imperative for proper nutrient cycling, water efficiency, and health plants for high yields and optimal quality.

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