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Innovation Teams

The Virginia Soil Health Coalition has established a series of Innovation Teams to serve as hubs for partners to collaborate and coordinate their efforts on specific topics related to soil health. These workgroups aim to foster deeper collaboration, innovation, and ultimately the successful implementation of soil health systems on the ground. Through these groups, partners have the opportunity to engage in focused discussions, share knowledge and resources, and develop strategies to address the challenges and opportunities related to soil health. Innovation Teams act as incubators of knowledge and collaboration that will spur the advancement of partnership-based soil health initiatives. 


The teams emerge organically out of the interest and focus areas of our partners, based on where there is momentum and energy within the network. Thus, the number and composition of each team depends on the specific needs, priorities, and timeline of the partners involved and the topic area. Each group has a designated team leader who is responsible for facilitating discussion, identifying stakeholders, promoting participation, and ensuring progress towards the group's goals. The team receive backbone support from the Coalition for meeting planning, communication, and overall coordination. The Innovation Teams are a core part of the Coalition structure as highlighted in the diagram to the right. 

Innovation Teams Diagram.png


The Innovation Teams provide a space for stakeholders to discuss challenges, identify opportunities, and develop strategies that can be implemented collaboratively. Goals include:


  1. Knowledge sharing: Promote the sharing of knowledge, findings, and best practices.

  2. Deep collaboration: Facilitate open and constructive dialogue among stakeholders.

  3. Coordination: Enhance coordination among partners to align strategies, minimize duplication, and ensure effective and efficient use of resources.

  4. Innovation: Encourage the development and exchange of innovative ideas, technologies, and practices.

  5. Implementation: Drive implementation of soil health practices and systems on our landscapes.

Stay tuned as we continue to develop specific Innovation Teams or reach out to Mary Sketch Bryant at if you are interested in learning more or leading an Innovation Team. 

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